What Is The Most Common Size for a Metal Business Card?

March 13, 2024

Metal business cards are unusual, which is why many people like them. They give you a unique way of getting people's attention and letting you find a unique way of branding your services. In many ways, they are an upgrade over regular business cards. The features that you can include in metal business cards are considerably different from regular business cards, including their size. Here is a deeper look at the most common size for metal business cards and other upgrades that you can add to their designs.

Why Choose Metal Business Cards?

People invest in metal business cards because they are more luxurious than regular business cards in several ways. They are heavier, which gives them a more substantial feel. In many ways, people find metal business cards to be more aesthetically pleasing due to fine details and overall cleaner designs. They are also more durable, which makes it feel different when you pick them up. Since the experience of how people receive business cards is a part of how you sell your services, choosing a more luxurious option makes sense.

Which Size is Best?

There is not a best size for metal business cards as every size has its benefits and its drawbacks. However, there are common sizes that you can stick to and make sure that you get the best balance of features that still fit in a business card holder or wallet.

The most common size of metal business cards is 3.5 x 2”. This matches the most common size for regular business cards. Just because they are made out of metal, does not mean that you need to change specific aspects about them. You can have business cards today the same size as your regular business cards, although they will likely be slightly thicker.

What is the Most Common Material?

The most common material chosen for metal business cards is stainless steel. Stainless steel gives you a good balance of all of the features that you need. It is solid so that your cards do not bend easily and will last a long time. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

The one drawback to making stainless steel metal business cards is that stainless steel does not work well with the anodizing or plating processes. This is because stainless steel is chemically resistant to most chemicals used in these processes. However, your stainless steel business cards can be screen printed, laser-engraved, or chemically asked to create your designs.

Popular Modifications

There are several popular modifications that you can choose to include in your metal business cards. Which ones you choose is influenced by the material and finish type that you choose. However, these modifications have proven to be highly effective in getting people's attention and creating high-quality business cards.


Etching is a process where we use chemicals to remove sections of the metal surface. This sculps your design into the metal card, giving it a slightly different color and finish. Etching is great for making one-piece, single material business cards. Etching is permanent and can never wear off. 

Color Printing

We can print your design and information onto the surface of a metal business card. To do this, we use a UV printer that uses UV light to cure special ink instantly. This gives your cards fine printed detail. UV ink is also far more durable than other options, keeping it from rubbing off over time. 

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses a high-energy laser to cut your message into the metal. Like etching, it is permanent and gives metal cards a unique look. Laser engraving is highly accurate and one of the best ways to include fine details. 

Different Sizes

Standard size business cards are expected, but you can adjust the size to something that stands out more. One of our common alternative sizes is 3.375 x 2.125”. It is slightly narrower than our regular size and a little bit shorter. This is the standard size of credit cards. The size difference is noticeable when you give out your business card to others.

Aside from the size dimensions, we can adjust the thickness as well. Our standard thickness is 0.5mm. However, we can also accommodate 0.3, 0.8, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm. 


Cutouts remove material from the body of business cards. Few people expect to receive business cards with cutouts, so they are instantly more memorable. You can create very intricate designs this way. Thicker cards are better for designs with lots of cutouts so that the card stays strong. 

Metal Card Cutouts

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are a more common modification that uses cutouts. If designed correctly, a single bottle opener can be incorporated into a design without compromising the way that it looks. This also makes the business card more useful and a reason to keep it around. 


When applying the finish, we can also change the texture. Texture makes a big difference in how people perceive your cards. Use this to your advantage to create a more memorable experience. Some of the textures that we can create are frosted, sand paper, prism, and custom options. 

Common sizes Metal Business Cards

Scan Codes

Being able to share information quickly makes your business card valuable. Bar codes, QR codes and magnetic strips are common ways of adding quick scan options. With these in place, people can scan business cards and get all of the information that they need.

If you’d like to discuss our design process more in-depth or learn more about metal business cards in general, contact us today. You owe it to yourself to partner with the best in the business.  Complete our form to get a no obligation price quote today.

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