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Zilker Partners

Zilker Partners Metal Cards
Zilker Partners: An Edgy Card

Our Metal Business Card Solution:

Jeff and Billy work to fill Executive level Technical Positions in both Fortune 500 and High Potential Start Ups. Whether you’re a Hiring Firm or the Talent they seek, agreeing to work with Jeff & Billy comes with its stakes. For hiring firms, it’s betting Tens of Thousands that Zilker will find THE right fit for culture, vision, and growth. As far as talent, Billy & Jeff know the A players aren’t looking for jobs, that they’re already excelling in their current role’s, so agreeing to work with them means sacrificing one opportunity for a bigger and better one. When you meet Jeff & Billy, you see they’re two down to earth guys, jeans, button ups & flip flips, but the moment you start talking to them it’s obvious they know the tech industry better than you know the back of your hand. For these reasons, We provided their cards with the following specs.

The Specs of our Solution:

  1.  0.5mm Gunmetal Cards: Perfect complement to the tech industry: young & edgy while conveying confidence and trustworthiness

  2. Cutout Logo: Although not asymmetrical, the Zilker skyline logo is such that it looks excellent forwards or backwards.

  3. Dual Border: Provided a perfect accent to accomplish the look of confidence and trustworthiness.