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PROJECTS (Ace of Sales)

Ace of Sales

Ace of Sale Metal Card
Matthew, A Sales Ace in Austin, TX visited our office with a need.

Our Metal Business Card Solution:

Matthew works in enterprise software, where a single sale can be the difference between a ‘Good Year’ and a ‘Pop the Bottles Fantastic Year!’. When the stakes are high, nothing is more important than making a good, confident & trustworthy first impression. Matthew needed a card to complimented his confidence, abilities, and brand knowledge.

The Specs of our Solution:

    1. 0.5mm 3.5x2.0” Black Matte Card: Executive Look, simple & confident with     single color fill
    1. 'Ace of Sales’ motto to complement the Ace of Spades look
    1. Devil is in the Details: Our cards are made by a process called photo etching, the tolerance on any detail is 30 microns (human hair is 90 microns thick). The playing card design you see was etched into the metal, then screen printed on. The texture you feel running finger across is magnificent
  1. A further customization to the card placing the ornate M’s inside the spades on the back.