As the premier designer & manufacturer of metal business cards in the world, we have a lot of clients spanning most every industry and title. We're here to share our data on the industries and jobs where professional consistently seek to stand out through metal cards.  Let’s count down to the top 8 jobs and industries where having the right business card matters the most.

8) Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry runs on personal branding & image, and having the right business card is a vital part of personal branding. Talent Agents, from big time sports & movies to small town talent & models. Night club, bar & premier restaurant owners & promoters. TV & Movie Producers, and event planners: Brand perception is often a deciding factor client use to decide whom to take a meeting with.

Black Metal Card

7) Designers, Photographers, Artists, and Design Firms

With Infinite design possibilities and microscopic level of detail, no card can better capture the unique creative talents of most artist better than metal cards can. In an industry that caters to visual stimuli, metal business cards are the ultimate display of art and design. Many customers will showcase their photos, artwork, or design capabilities directly on the card.

Metal Business Card

6) Entrepreneurs & Executives

As an entrepreneur, you have to hustle for every new lead and hustle to get shareholders like employees and investors to follow you. Many choose metal cards that hustle for them: A card that is a conversation starter, that is kept rather than discarded, gets the call, makes the sale.

As for Executives, when you’re the best at your game, you have the best business cards: metal cards.  Metal business cards are often gifted to executives along with a promotion, or as a sign of thanks or commemoration.

Entrepreneur Card

5) Salesmen & Saleswomen

Coffee isn’t the only thing reserved for closers. The reason women and men in sales across industries are turning to metal business cards has to do with the digital age we live in. Technology has shortened the sales cycle, meaning first impressions carry more weight than ever. A saleswoman with a metal card conveys experience, trust, and superior knowledge… everything you want in your supplier.

Metal business card

4) Manufacturing / Metal Workers

Manufacturing more than any industry experiences a true brand connection with metal cards. Metal Cards convey a high level of quality, precision, and durability – all words any manufacturing firm would want to be associated with their brand. Not only do our stainless steel cards go over well in manufacturing, but many in aerospace and automobile industries love our aluminum business cards and carbon fiber business cards.

Construction Business Card

3) Financial Advisors/Wealth Management/Investment Bankers/ CPA's

This industry being near the top of our list is of no surprise, if anyone can realize the enormous ROI associated with metal cards, it’s the men and women whose calling is finance. When your job is to convince strangers to entrust you with their hard earned money, it’s imperative you convey a quality brand that showcases experience and trust, no card answers that call better than a metal card.

Metal Business Cards

2) Lawyers & Attorneys

This should be no surprise to anyone, metal cards perfectly complement the mahogany desks, genuine leather chairs, and fine tailored Italian suits that are often associated with law offices. Lawyers and Attorneys have a very particular image they need to uphold, they look no further than the finest looking cards money can buy.

1) Realtors

The interesting thing is that most of our clients in this Real Estate are not realtors dealing in luxury properties. Why? We common folk put our trust (and often life savings) in realtors to locate and negotiate our future homes. And because Real Estate is nearly 100% commission based, anyone with a premium metal business card immediately comes across as a successful agent that gets deals done.

Gold Metal Card

This list should give you a very good idea about the type of clientele that prefer and source metal business cards. If you’re a professional in any of these industries or deal with these industries, now you know what type of cards you need.

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Marketing nowadays is about taking the right steps to Stand out From the Crowd . Like writing 6 reasons when so many articles stop at 5.

Success has always been rooted in hard work, superior offerings, and commitment to stakeholders. But if you want to successfully MARKET in a world of a billion distractions, you need to be BOLD, be LOUD, AND be different.

Why? Across mediums, you have, on average, less than 2 seconds to make an impression. Yet in the digital age those same few seconds a prospect can become a post-sale followup, as we live in an era where first impressions more than ever attract, engage, qualify, and convince prospective customers to do business with us.

Which leads us to time honored tradition: You meet someone, you shake their hand, and business cards exchange. Metal Business Cards, with good reason, are becoming more and more a part of this transaction. If you don’t believe us, then read on to the top six reasons people are switching to metal cards in contrast to paper cards and why it is worth the investment.

You are your card, your card is you

For the same reason you spend hours perfecting every word on your resume, you should be spending no less than $75 on your business cards. Why? Just like spelling errors on resumes showcase a careless applicant, those 100 thin 8pt cards one could buy for $19.99 show an inexperienced, cheap owner that doesn’t give a damn about their own first impression. Both end up in the trash because they are trash.

Give this a try: Pull out a stack of business cards. How often does the quality of the card coincide with the quality (expertise, experience, confidence, trust) of the individual/brand/business?

When our customers hand out metal business cards there is no second guessing. A metal card design shows someone who takes their own time and money to invest in their brand. Metal cards show the recipient their own worth too, “Wow they think of me that much to give me this card”

If your card doesn’t stack up to your experience, confidence, and expertise, perhaps it’s time to try metal. (If you’re going with paper, we recommend no less than 20pt cards. Our customers often choose to supplement their metal card order with our 24pt tri layered premium paper cards)

Metal Cards Stand Out

When has it ever paid off to do as everyone else does, to be the same as your competition? Have a paper business card? Congratulations, you’re just like 99.5% of everyone else out there.

Our brains are wired to see and to remember the unique, the different. Be the .5% by having:

  1. The stainless steel card that makes noise when your client pulls out a stack of competitor cards.
  2. The magnetic metal bottle opener card whose home is your client’s fridge.
  3. The aluminum business card so nice your client can’t bring themselves to throw it away.
  4. The Carbon Fiber card so unique your client shows it off to their colleagues.

Metal Cards do work FOR YOU

Is your current card MARKETING for you while you’re away? Meaning:

A) Is it shown off by your recipients to get brand recognition and more potential clients?

B) Do your clients use it as a tool in their everyday business?

C) By its shape, function, or coolness, is it kept out of the Rolodex, desk drawer & trash?

If you’re answering ‘NO’, you’re wasting money. Metal Cards get shown off by recipients. They are made to be industry specific tools (bike wrenches, bottle openers, screwdrivers). They become fridge magnets or calendars. Metal Cards have been created to serve as awards or recognition pieces to fix to clients desks.

In a low volume high reward career like real estate, enterprise sales, venture capital or investment banking, a card that stands out is so often the difference in getting a callback, an additional referral, an extra sale, … the ROI for your card can and should be limitless.

Infinite Card Design Possibilities

You’ll run out of NCAA bracket possibilities years before you run out of design options for metal cards.

Shape: Whereas die-cut shapes with paper cards come with limitations and a hefty price tag, custom shaped metal cards are the same process as standard rectangles, BUT, add no extra time or cost.

Text, Details & Color: Any one or more details on any card can be embossed, debossed, or cut out. Details can be Etched to reveal the metal below, or filled with the world of Pantone colors.

Metal: Start with Stainless Steel Cards, Aluminum Business Cards, or Carbon Fiber Business Cards. We offer plating in one or more lustrous metals (Gold, Matte Black, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, Brass, Antique Copper) or Anodize in one of several available colors (red, white, blue, green, etc). Choose finishes like Matte, Brushed, or Chrome. Choose from an infinite array of patterns, textures.

High durability of Metal Cards

How many of your own paper cards have you thrown out due to bent corners or creases from being in your purse or wallet? No one wants to hand out an imperfect card. How many client cards have you tossed after they got soaked in rain or stained from a coffee spill? You’ll never have to worry about your metal cards wearing out over time, but more importantly (due to that wow factor we talked about above) you won’t have to worry about clients throwing them away either.

Metal Business Cards are the Ultimate Ice-breaker

This is my card.


Most are amazed because it opens bottles. To me it opens something far more important: Doors. When opportunity knocks, this card is my walk-up-to-anyone-and-get-noticed badge. ANYONE. How? It starts the conversation, usually something along the lines of “Wow this is your business card…”

Empower yourself with a metal card. You have the skills, the experience, the right product fit. Give yourself the advantage in networking, the card clients rave about, the card that never gets thrown away.

In any new business relationship, a business card exchange is a forgone conclusion. It’s going to happen, and you should take every step available to maximize this experience in your favor. Start your design today, zero up front obligations!

To learn more about getting yourself some metal business cards fill out the form below for a free no obligation quote or click here, or contact us at 877-337-2291. We would love to help you with your next business card design.

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